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We are experts in vehicle technology.

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Check out the full range of services we provide.

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Main ECU are experts in the following areas:

•  ECU Repairs

•  TCU Repairs


We have the latest in technology test rigs setup to extensively test all ECU’s as though they were plugged in to the vehicle. We test all ECU units for up to 24-48 hours so we’re able to verify every fault found and also catch out the intermittent faults and possibly any the customer was not even aware of.

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Request a Test

Request us to test your ECU unit, if there’s no fault found then we only charge the standard test fee.

If your unit is found to be faulty then we’ll give you the option of having the unit repaired – in this case, we’d wave the test fee and charge only for the repair cost.

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As fully qualified ECU repair specialists we are capable of carrying out a wide range of ECU repairs following an initial ECU soak testing which will help to identify the cause of the problem and pinpoint it exactly.

In many cases a simple flash reset could be all that is required to get your ECU back into working order but if your electronic control unit needs to be exchanged or replaced then we are able to offer some great deals on new ones from a range of manufacturers.

Our Services

•  Air Bag ECU

•  Instrument Clusters

•  Throttle Bodies

•  Display

•  Climate Control Panels

•  Fuel Pump ECU