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    A vital on-board computer that controls many systems & subsystems of your car's engine.


    Your ECU must be functional & up to date so it is faster, efficient and more responsive.

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    Who Are We?

    We are a Dubai based company that is dedicated to the principles of innovation, expertise and outstanding customer service. Our “go beyond” approach has made us one of the fastest growing ECU repair companies today.

    Why Work With Us?

    We offer a 180 day warranty on all repairs.

    As fully qualified ECU specialists, we are capable of carrying out an extensive range of ECU repairs at a fraction of the price of what would be offered by a main dealer. We always endeavour to repair the problem, but in the unlikely event that your item is beyond repair, we will always aim to find an affordable replacement.

    What Areas Do We Cover?

    Bahrain | Kuwait | Oman | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | UAE | North Africa

  • What We Do

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    Engine Control Unit

    ECU (Engine Control Unit)

    وحدة التحكم بالمحرك

    ECUs communicate with the engine to control key features of your vehicle such as ignition, valve timing and idle speed. We repair and upgrade your ECU to keep it functioning effectively and efficiently.

    Airbag Control Units

    Airbag Control Units

    وحدات التحكم وسادة هوائية

    We can help ensure that you have the maximum protection for your vehicle. We reprogram and even repair the airbag sensor ECU.

    Display Instrument

    Display Instrument

    عرض الآلات

    Problems may include inaccurate gauge readings, pixilated LCD screen or loss of display completely. We restore your dashboard to its full working state.

    Gearbox Control Unit

    Gearbox Control Unit

    وحدة التحكم علبة التروس

    Gearbox and engine sensors work with the ECU to change gears and assist with other features like fuel flow. We help your gearbox get the best performance from your vehicle.

    ABS Pump Units

    ABS Pump Units

    نظام منع انغلاق المكابح

    The ABS warning light will stay on for Intermittent or consistent faults with your anti-locking braking system. We have the skills to test and replace the ABS if necessary

    Throttle Bodies

    Throttle Bodies

    الهيئات خنق

    Regulates the amount of air that enters the engine. Throttle body failure means the engine may lose power. We can help by testing and replacing it if required

    SAM Control Units

    SAM Control Units

    SAMوحدات التحكم

    The SAM monitors signals from switches, controls, devices, and warning systems. Error messages indicate that there may be a problem. We can supply you with a thorough diagnosis and repair.

    Entertainment/Command Units

    Entertainment/Command Units

    وحدة القيادة/ الترفيه

    We have the capabilities to repair your entertainment/command units, for example, internal CD changers, Satellite Navigation systems and internal amplifiers.

  • What We Offer

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  • Request a Test

    Request A Test

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    Latest test rig setup technology for extensive ECU testing (between 24-48 hours)


    Ability to locate intermittent and potentially unknown faults


    No fault? Only pay the test fee

    Fault found? Only pay the repair fee if a repair is requested

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    "High quality and value for money service."

    - Avis Service Centre

    AAA Service Center

    "Thanks for the great service and quick return of our cluster."

    - AAA Service Center

    "Thank you for a fast and professional repair to our ECU and would definitely recommend your Company to anyone that require such a service."

    - Elite Class Garage

    "We just want to say thanks to a Company that actually does what it says."

    - Ahmed Hussain Auto Garage

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    Experienced and Professional Repairs

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    Great deals on new ECUs from a range of manufacturers


    We use original manufacturer equipment


    Fully qualified ECU specialists with competitive pricing


    Fully inclusive quotation upon request

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