Vehicle ECU

If you have a problem with your ECU, you may experience one or more of the below problems with your car:

ECU (Engine Control Unit)

ECUs communicate with the engine to control key features such as ignition, valve timing & idle speed.

Airbag Control Units

We can help ensure that you have the maximum protection for your vehicle. We reprogram and even repair the airbag sensor ECU.

Display Instrument

Problems include inaccurate gauge readings, pixilated LCD screen or loss of display. We restore your dashboard to working state.

Gearbox Control Unit

Gearbox & engine sensors work with the ECU to change gears & assist with features like fuel flow. We help your gearbox perform at its best.

ABS Pump Units

The ABS light shows Intermittent or consistent faults with your anti-locking braking system. We can test & replace the ABS if necessary.

Throttle Bodies

Regulates the amount of air that enters the engine. Throttle body failure means the engine may lose power. We can test & replace if required.

SAM Control Units

The SAM monitors signals from controls, devices, & warning systems. Error messages mean there may be a problem. We can provide a thorough diagnosis & repair.

Entertainment/Command Units

We have the capabilities to repair your command units, for example, internal CD changers, Satellite Navigation systems & internal amplifiers.

Plus many more manufacturers.